Once you click “Sign Up,” Twitch will prompt you to verify your account. If you signed up using an email address, you will get an email with a verification code. Here are a few quick directions on how to create a Twitch account in five steps. To officially share your video on Twitch, click the purple “Publish” button at the bottom corner of the screen. You can also drag and drop video files into the “Creator Dashboard” screen to start an upload.

Is it rude to lurk on Twitch?

Despite the words “lurking” and “lurker” carrying negative connotations, there's nothing wrong with lurking on Twitch. Actually, lurkers can be quite helpful to streamers and their success. Sure, streamers want to have active chat, but it's unrealistic to expect everyone who watches you to interact.

Launched in 2011, Twitch is a collision of subcultures, games, communities, and streamers co-creating content around everything they’re into. Users on Twitch use the interactive live streaming platform to watch content ranging from gaming and sports to entertainment and music and almost anything in between. Twitch differs from other online video platforms in that most of the content is live streams as opposed to edited, pre-recorded videos. Twitch also has more lenient rules for its content since most of it is live.

How to stream on Twitch

Streamers can get instant feedback from their fans, answer questions, and get to know their followers. This can lead to Twitch feeling more like a community of passionate people instead of just a video platform. From late 2021 to mid-2022, BSR and Twitch undertook a human rights assessment of Twitch, an interactive live streaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more.

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Click the cross in the top right to close the configuration popup, and then click Activate on the extension. The “Base Path” is the folderdirectory where Minecraft’s data is being stored. If you’re using the standard Minecraft launcher and haven’t tinkered with anything, this should already be pointing to the correct location. But if you have customised the location, or are using a different launcher, you can change this to point to the appropriate data location.

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The first one is the extensive documentation (hopefully it’s clearer now!). By publishing your extension on Twitch, you automatically have millions of potential customers between streamers and viewers. It’s a good problem to have for sure, but it’s essential to think ahead to avoid running into a bunch of issues.

  • This library uses WebSockets to connect to the Twitch Messaging Interface and get the messages posted there.
  • Dubbed “Rooms,” these channels can either be public or private, and are designed to create separate channels for specific purposes.
  • Children 13 or older are allowed to create an account under parental supervision.
  • It allows steamers to have fun, play during steam creating an overall more interactive environment for all the users involved.
  • Each dashboard you’re an editor of has its own set active profile, with the initial active profile being your default (first) profile, named «Default».
  • You can then copy or view the stream key to be used in other apps or with other devices.

Live streaming is a form of media that allows streamers to directly interact with their audience. Previous research has explored mental health, Twitch.tv and live streaming platforms, and users’ social motivations behind watching live streams separately. However, few have explored how these all intertwine in conversations involving intimate, self-disclosing topics, such as mental health. Live streams are unique in that they are largely masspersonal in nature; streamers broadcast themselves to mostly unknown viewers, but may choose to interact with them in a personal way. This study aims to understand users’ motivations, preferences, and habits behind participating in mental health discussions on live streams. We interviewed 25 Twitch viewers about the streamers they watch, how they interact in mental health discussions, and how they believe streamers should discuss mental health on live streams.

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There are also custom versions of OBS available, including Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements OBS.Live. These programs sync up with Streamlabs and StreamElements respectively to let you easily set up custom layouts, alerts and more. We hope that you will explore the list presented in this article and let us know in the comments section below which extension worked best for you. With this one in all tool, you can earn loyalty points, request songs, enter giveaways, and play mini-games. With this extension, you’ll get animated stream overlays, stream alerts, stream intermission banners, and more. Whether you are an advanced Twitch user or just beginning, using an extension that will enhance your experience is important.

  • You can also drag and drop video files into the “Creator Dashboard” screen to start an upload.
  • Overall, we found that the innate design of the Twitch platform promotes a user-hierarchy in the ecosystem of streamers and their communities, which may affect how mental health is discussed.
  • You can select what you need in terms of available features, allowing you to create a channel that looks professional.
  • The dashboard will hide some widgets by default, so you must use the «Widgets» menu to show them.
  • As a security measure taken by Twitch, sending your first chat message through the chat will require you to click the «OK» button in the confirmation dialog that pops up.
  • If you’re not familiar, think of it like YouTube, but all of the content is live, as opposed to prerecorded.

Since being involved in a game or following a channel can be time-consuming, having the news right there in the feed is perfect. Thus, if you’re a streamer, you can consider Alert Box as an opportunity to interact with your community and personally thank them anytime they support you. Once you enable alerts in Streamlabs, you’ll get animated clips while streaming, every time viewers engage with your channel. As with captions, subtitles allow you to reach a larger, global, cross-cultural audience.

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The Stream page, which displays your stream key, provides settings that can be used to give other streamers permission to stream to your channel. Smartphone and tablet users should note the Twitch app for Android and iOS doesn’t display the stream key (though you can start a stream on your device through the Twitch app). Twitch streamers must use the Twitch website to find their stream key. Twitch’s community guidelines ban hateful rhetoric about specific identity groups, including discrimination or harassment based on gender identity. The platform’s content moderation systems appear to have caught the transphobic rhetoric of Larry, an AI, pretty quickly.

  • By automatically switching between profiles, you can optimize the view of your dashboard to only show what you need when you need it.
  • With either method, you will see a progress bar that shows the upload status.
  • With this extension, you’ll get animated stream overlays, stream alerts, stream intermission banners, and more.
  • All these are creative options that will make users come back again and again on your channel.
  • You can preview changes instantly as you’re coding, and the Rig also replicates the production environment allowing you to run the JavaScript Helper locally.
  • Usually, Larry’s jokes went something like, “What’s a bear with no teeth?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the most impressive Twitch extensions, so read it completely. Before anything else, let’s see why it is important to use this kind of feature. This token can be decoded and verified using your Extension secret. Take a quick look at the documentation first, it’s not metadialog.com very long and is sometimes not super comprehensive, but I’ll try to go through the essential features. This lets you dock your dashboard inside the OBS window and have it start up alongside OBS when you start your stream. Any adjustments made to the dashboard’s interface will only affect your active profile.

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Hover over the widget, open the gear-iconed menu, and then activate the «Freeze scroll» checkbox to enable this behavior. You can disable the page’s scrolling while you are hovering over the widget, that way your dashboard’s position is unaffected while you’re scrolling inside the widget. To empty the widget of previous notifications, hover over it, and then click the trash-iconed «Clear» button.

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The user poll widget lets you give direct feedback to the devs, which helps tremendously in making Moobot better for you. You can also set up Moobot Assistant to control your song-player with keyboard hot-keys. That way you don’t have to switch out of your game to e.g. skip a song or change the volume.

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If you have earned a Twitch Affiliate status, you will have a purple “Upload” button at the top right. This screen will be mostly black if you haven’t uploaded any videos. Uploading videos to Twitch can be a great option if you want to offer more content to your followers. If you are a new Twitch user, you may not be able to upload videos to Twitch. Before you can upload to Twitch, you have to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

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No one knows your kids better than you, so while some parents may be OK with what their kids are watching, it’s always a good idea to vet your kids’ favorite streamers to see how they behave. Keep in mind that Twitch streams can be watched without an account. If you’re not logged in you cannot participate in chat, but chat is still visible, meaning the potentially mature content in a chat is visible. However, with an account users can turn off the direct message function entirely, as well as block or report users that are behaving inappropriately. If you don’t want to connect your account directly, you can link Twitch to OBS via a stream key.

Twitch Users’ Motivations and Practices During Community Mental Health Discussions

Hover over the widget, open the eye-iconed «Display» menu, and then activate the checkboxes for any of the engagements you want to display in the widget. You can fully adjust your Moobot dashboard to fit your needs, where it can work as an addition to your Twitch dashboard, or even fully replacing it. BSR® is a sustainable business network and consultancy focused on creating a world in which all people can thrive on a healthy planet.

Amazon-owned Twitch threatens to leave Korea due to regulations – 코리아타임스

Amazon-owned Twitch threatens to leave Korea due to regulations.

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When a response is selected, clicking the “Trigger” button will send it through the Extension Coordinator and it will pass through Helper to your extension code. Local Mode enables developers to run their extension projects against mock APIs and mock PubSub locally on their machine. Developers can start building extensions without having first gone through the Twitch Extension Developer onboarding. Additionally, it provides an ability to perform integration tests against your extension via configurable responses to the Extensions Helper Library.

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Captions then will appear when you start livestreaming and those watching can adjust the settings to meet their needs. When your stream ends, you can then turn off the captions and exit the dashboard to stop them. For content creators, captions can be added to Twitch streams through extensions via these easy steps.


Imagine upgrading your video content and reaching more viewers than ever before. For Twitch partners and affiliates (streamers with a sizable audience and approved through Twitch’s vetting process), users can purchase subscriptions, and streamers will take a portion of those profits. Some streamers also enable donation tools like Streamlabs, Patreon, Kofi, and PayPal, where users can send money to their favorite personalities – almost like a twitch open access dialogue tip jar. These channel points are earned by staying in the stream, chatting every so often, and purchasing subscriptions during the stream’s duration (more on this later). Meanwhile, streaming on Twitch via the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S is similarly simple, however, you will have to download the free Twitch app from the Xbox Store before you get started. Once you have the app and are logged in, fire up whichever game you want to stream.

Does Twitch tell you who viewed your video?

The answer to this popular question is yes and no. There is no built-in feature in Twitch that allows you to see everyone who is watching your gaming streams. Twitch streamers can only see their viewers if they have logged in with their Twitch account.